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Actually had a pretty boring day at work today--no really great tales to tell, nothing too traumatic that happened.  The coolest thing was getting to do an allergen-specific immunotherapy order based on an IgE antibody test, and though *I* thought it was awesome, it would probably just be really boring to everyone not in the medical field.

The other cool thing was meeting a sixty-five-year old woman in a lesbian relationship--I'll call her A because this is getting complicated otherwise.  A's partner had been in to the clinic before and I'd met her, and I had been curious if they might be a lesbian couple (not because of any gaydar, since mine is seriously defective, but because the file's in the partner's name and has notes all over it about how "friend A has a right to medical records/account history/decisions on patient health care").  The partner never refers to A as her partner, just as her "close friend", but A was very upfront about them being in a relationship.  She was pretty cute about it, and she seemed happy when I told her Cat and I had been together for four years.  She said that we were still babies in our honeymoon period but wished us the best of luck.  There were warm fuzzy feelings, similar to when older women are grateful to me for being a female doctor but without the "I didn't actually do anything hard" sort-of guilt.  Now hopefully I'll be able to tell her tomorrow when the bloodwork comes back that there's nothing seriously wrong with her dog, or that it's something easily treatable like diabetes.  *fingers crossed*
Hope everyone else has had a pretty good day!

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