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Jun. 5th, 2014 12:20 pm
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Wooo, been away from this for far longer than I intended to.  Life has been kind of busy--getting stuff organized for the wedding, failing to get stuff organized for the wedding, work being a bit of a roller coaster.  Plus a trip to Canada that was loads of fun.  ^.^

It's been interesting sending out invitations and organizing the wedding.  It actually seems to be bringing some people around on LGBTQ+ rights that Cat and I had not expected.  I suppose the finality of us sending the save the date notes (and soon to invitations, if Estel can ever finish designing them, why is Estel doing anything visual...) made some people realize that they either accept us or get out.  Which has pretty much always been our opinion--Cat and I being happy is what matters, not someone else's bigotry--but it's nice to see people being compassionate and smart about things.  We got our wedding rings yesterday, and they are gorgeous!  It makes everything feel a bit more real.  Now to (finally) finish the invitations, get clothing, and get a cake, and I think we'll be all set!

We also elected to shave Kuuga, our big black cat, because he hates the summer and gets miserable.  I am still getting used to how he looks.  I'll have to get Cat to post a picture.  Of course, as soon as we shaved him, the temperature dropped twenty-five degrees, but that just means he's a snugglebug instead of an angry ball of ultimate darkness.

Hope everyone's lives have been going well!
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