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A one-shot in my werewolf AU 'verse, exploring Courfeyrac, Combeferre and Enjolras' backstory.  Written for RobertWickham for Barricade Day, since she had expressed some interest in Courfeyrac's backstory.


The Seeds of Change )


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For C-chan, who wanted some Amis sewing.  Enjolras and Feuilly repair Enjolras' clothing after it receives a bit of battle damage.

Threads )
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For Vee, who wanted me to write Combeferre and Courfeyrac in a relationship and inviting Enjolras to join them.


New Visions )
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This one is for TC, for the prompt of Grantaire listening to one of Enjolras' speeches and actually getting motivated to do something.


A Long Day's Work )
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For MJ, who wanted some long-haired Enjolras.  This turned out probably much longer and with much more angst than you intended.  Warnings for parental death, brief discussion of the potential of rape, and Enjolras liking to break people's bones.  I may go back and tinker with scenes at the end, but at least this way there is something.

The Appearance of Respectability )
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Because I can't stop playing with my other prompts yet, have the next part of this.  My other Barricade Day prompts will go up tomorrow.

; Part 1


Part Two: The World in a Name )
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For you, TC!  A young Combeferre tries to convince an even younger Enjolras that he really does want to take a bath.


Simple Joys and Challenging Tasks )
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Enjolras is secretly a unicorn; Grantaire is secretly a virgin.  Written for Vee, based on one of her Barricade Day prompts.


Until the Blood Fades )

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First day working emergency tomorrow.

No Cat or roomies.  Calls at all hours of the night and having to make quick decisions while sleep deprived.  Trying to remember how to run all the machines that my techs usually do.

It's going to be fun.

Wish me luck.
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Anybody here interested in the Marvel movie universe and want to geek out about Iron Man 3 at some point?  Because I really liked it and also was having thoughts about Grantaire and Tony having drunken discussions about the blonds they love who are way too good for them.

Would also happily geek out about Doctor Who, because I really liked "The Rings of Akhaten" which was the last one we watched.

Or Star Trek.  Though much more about Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country than Into Darkness, not that I didn't enjoy Into Darkness but rewatching some of the original series reminded me how much I loved it and how philosophical it could get and how it was a GOOD thing (serioiusly, JJ, saying something is *too philosophical* for you does not make *it* look bad, it makes *you* look stupid) and how sad it is that anything even approaching utopian theory in speculative fiction tends to be laughed at today.  Can we really not envision ourselves as better than we currently are?  *sadface*
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No real warnings for this chapter, other than human-animal hybrids.  Sphinx 1789 is delivered to his new home.

Part One: A Birthday Surprise )
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Vee, I hope you actually like unicorns and that wasn't just a spur-of-the-moment suggestion.

Because I have now written you about 5,000 words worth of unicorns.  That's... kind of like a drabble, right?

*hangs head in shame*  This is what happens when people let me write mythology.  Especially if I can somehow take the bare bones and make it into whatever structure I want.
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So, because there was some interest in Cat and my random little dystopian AU, here's the first part for anyone who's interested.  Warnings for dystopian world with Mad Science and sentient, sapient creatures treated like animals.

Prologue: The Things They Say )
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Things I intended to write today:
-Next chapter of "Dreamers"
-Next chapter of werewolves
-Start on prompts from those awesome enough to send them in quickly

Things I have so far succeeded in writing today:
-Enjolras as a winged lion-human hybrid in a dystopian world

Clearly, brain, you are not very good at focusing.
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So, definitely going to do short fics for Barricade Day (...hopefully short).  Given my usual crazy schedule, I'm going to start accepting prompts now in the hopes of getting a good head-start on writing in the two weeks leading up to Barricade Day.  I'm keeping it to two prompts per person to start, and we'll see how many I get/how long it takes me to write.  I may accept more prompts from people later.

Any questions, just ask!
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Made it through the trip, had tons of fun, home now!  Going to scrounge up dinner, then will hopefully be back again to catch up.
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One and a half days of work left and then vacation for four glorious days.

Then I can see Cat for more than two hours each day, because this whole thing of him working overtime every day and suddenly working weekends too is not doing so good for both of us.  Maybe Cat will even be awake and coherent for talking and plotting and betaing for some of those days.

Four days of no life and death decisions.  Four days of no giving people bad news.  (Also four days of no kittens and puppies and no saving anything, but I so need a break right now from the bad parts of this job.)

One and a half days, and then maybe I can get some sleep without nightmares.

I can do this.
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I know it's still almost a month away, but given my slow writing I figured I'd make the offer now.  It's going to be the one-year anniversary of my first really attempting to get involved in the Les Mis fan community, and I'd like to offer to write short fics/drabbles for anyone who'd like to give me prompts.  I'll try to write them and get them posted on Barricade Day.
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Because it seems like lots of people are having a rough time and I've actually got a funny cat story for once...

So, this really nice lady brings in this 1 pound stray kitten, probably ~5 weeks old.  He's teeny tiny and has an upper respiratory infection, which is common in strays, but doing pretty well otherwise.  He has tiny sharp monster kitten teeth, so he should be able to eat either soft food or kibble with water in it, which we tell her.

She comes back in a few hours later because she attempted to bottle feed him and he ripped the end off the nipple and swallowed part of it.  We make him vomit to get the rubber out so it doesn't get stuck/cause problems.  He vomits up the milk, rubber... and about a dozen small feathers.

Cats are teeny tiny murder machines, no matter how young they are, and we humans seem to love them that way.

She believed us after that about him being able to eat solid food, and the kitten is currently doing just fine.
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I'm going to break this up into two parts, actually, because I have Lots Of Things to say about Chapter 7-8 and some of the topics it brings up (rape in general and particularly in the military is one of those things that I have Opinions about).

Chapter 4-6 Ramblings )

I'm still thoroughly enjoying this book.  It's space opera, but it's really good space opera, with characters that I love.  Even minor characters manage to get a lot of characterization and jump off the page--I expected Koudelka's fate from shortly after we met him, but I still felt it like a kick in the gut when Cordelia found out what happened to him.  I quite like Bujold's writing style, with occasional lines that really stick with me.  Knowing that this is one of her earliest works, I'm expecting really great things from later books in the series.
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