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Modern-day reincarnation, the Amis cosplay as superheroes, written for C-chan.

I think this means I'm down to three Barricade Day drabbles that I owe people.  Plus I need to get back into posting my long works.  Plus I now really want to write Romulan!Amis, thanks to a certain someone.  I see a lot of writing still in my future, though you guys will be spared from me posting anything for a few days, probably.


A Simple Plan )
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A one-shot in my werewolf AU 'verse, exploring Courfeyrac, Combeferre and Enjolras' backstory.  Written for RobertWickham for Barricade Day, since she had expressed some interest in Courfeyrac's backstory.


The Seeds of Change )


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For C-chan, who wanted some Amis sewing.  Enjolras and Feuilly repair Enjolras' clothing after it receives a bit of battle damage.

Threads )
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For Vee, who wanted me to write Combeferre and Courfeyrac in a relationship and inviting Enjolras to join them.


New Visions )
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This one is for TC, for the prompt of Grantaire listening to one of Enjolras' speeches and actually getting motivated to do something.


A Long Day's Work )
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For MJ, who wanted some long-haired Enjolras.  This turned out probably much longer and with much more angst than you intended.  Warnings for parental death, brief discussion of the potential of rape, and Enjolras liking to break people's bones.  I may go back and tinker with scenes at the end, but at least this way there is something.

The Appearance of Respectability )
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For you, TC!  A young Combeferre tries to convince an even younger Enjolras that he really does want to take a bath.


Simple Joys and Challenging Tasks )
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Enjolras is secretly a unicorn; Grantaire is secretly a virgin.  Written for Vee, based on one of her Barricade Day prompts.


Until the Blood Fades )

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So, definitely going to do short fics for Barricade Day (...hopefully short).  Given my usual crazy schedule, I'm going to start accepting prompts now in the hopes of getting a good head-start on writing in the two weeks leading up to Barricade Day.  I'm keeping it to two prompts per person to start, and we'll see how many I get/how long it takes me to write.  I may accept more prompts from people later.

Any questions, just ask!
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