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I'm going to break this up into two parts, actually, because I have Lots Of Things to say about Chapter 7-8 and some of the topics it brings up (rape in general and particularly in the military is one of those things that I have Opinions about).

Chapter 4-6 Ramblings )

I'm still thoroughly enjoying this book.  It's space opera, but it's really good space opera, with characters that I love.  Even minor characters manage to get a lot of characterization and jump off the page--I expected Koudelka's fate from shortly after we met him, but I still felt it like a kick in the gut when Cordelia found out what happened to him.  I quite like Bujold's writing style, with occasional lines that really stick with me.  Knowing that this is one of her earliest works, I'm expecting really great things from later books in the series.
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So, Cat and I finished Serpent's Reach by CJ Cherryh (full review to come later, still processing, but overall it was fantastic), and we're starting the Vorkosigan saga by Bujold.  Since I know at least one person will be excited, I figured I'd try giving opinions as we go.

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So far enjoying the story, though I'm waiting for it to really get cracking and to get some more aliens and politics in there.  Show me why you are award-winning, book!

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So, in an attempt to not just post Terrible Things that Happen to Animals, I think I'll try doing book reviews for the books I read.  These will be as sporadic as my reading schedule, but maybe someone else will enjoy them.  Also, fair warning, expect lots of werewolves.

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Overall, if you like urban fantasy or werewolf books, this author and these series are definitely worth a look.  There's nothing stylistically that's going to blow anyone away with the writing, but it's solid and easy to read.  The universe is consistent and interesting, and I like all the characters (some a great deal--I would say I would love a series about the Marrok, the alpha werewolf, but he's always at his most interesting when he only shows up for short stints).  The first of the Mercy Thompson books is "Moon Called" and the first of the Alpha and Omega books is "Cry Wolf".


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