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I realized I'm a few chapters behind on posting... well... everything.  Here's the next chapter of this; the next chapter of werewolves will be up as soon as I get a chance to format it.  (This gets priority because Cat drew me a pic for it and I shall have to get him to post it!)

In this chapter, Grantaire finally gets in touch with Combeferre to discuss his dilemma, because there is clearly a big difference between a puppy and an Enjolras-sphinx, even if both are legally classified as pets.

Prologue; Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

Part Four: Summoning Service )
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I'm not dead!  Just very tired.  Sorry I've been kind of AWOL lately.  Work has been busy and we're moving, so there has not been much time.  Have some animal-human hybrids to make up for it?

Prologue; Part 1; Part 2


Part Three: Reprieve )
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Because I can't stop playing with my other prompts yet, have the next part of this.  My other Barricade Day prompts will go up tomorrow.

; Part 1


Part Two: The World in a Name )
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No real warnings for this chapter, other than human-animal hybrids.  Sphinx 1789 is delivered to his new home.

Part One: A Birthday Surprise )
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So, because there was some interest in Cat and my random little dystopian AU, here's the first part for anyone who's interested.  Warnings for dystopian world with Mad Science and sentient, sapient creatures treated like animals.

Prologue: The Things They Say )


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