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Cat.  Cat, why?  I've been doing good in the Les Mis fandom.  Despite my joking about having an OT10, because I'm down with just about any combination of the Amis and Musichetta, I've really only been shipping two pairings for the most part.  Granted, one is still a triad, but it's a canonical triad.  Mostly.  (I do maintain that all my weird pairing numbers, be they the threesome from Series One of Doctor Who or the foursome from Decade or the six from Gokaiger, have a great deal of canon backing.  And the Gokaigers are aliens.  Aliens should have different ideas about sexuality than us.  Maybe a sixsome is normal for some of them!)

But after some of our recent discussions now I want to find some actual OT9/10 fics.  Or at least some Courfeyrac/Combeferre/Enjolras/Grantaire/Courfeyrac to see if anyone would actually try to balance that relationship.  And I don't even know how to go about looking for fic that has Enjolras and Combeferre as BFFs who complete each other but are in happy relationships with others but get off on hearing the other one sexually excited because, hey, soul-mates but not necessarily in a romantic way.  I mean... how did we even end up talking about that?  Is that a kink?  How would you even go about looking for fic like that?

Shipping is hard when you're a panromantic asexual who for some reason likes fictional poly relationships.


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