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So, I'm kind of managing to get my brain back together and still working on those drabble prompts from a while back.  This one is for MJ, who asked for Combeferre and Prouvaire and "I've never seen <i>that</i> before".  This is probably not anything like what you were going for, but hey, it's something they've never seen before, and I know you like sci-fi...

Prouvaire finds himself with a completely novel and unknown... well, he's not sure if it's a disease or not, but it's definitely weird; Combeferre treats and cares for his friend.

Warning for anyone who's really squicked out by parasitism/symbiosis.  Nothing gory or too freaky, though.

Strange Skies )


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I realized I'm a few chapters behind on posting... well... everything.  Here's the next chapter of this; the next chapter of werewolves will be up as soon as I get a chance to format it.  (This gets priority because Cat drew me a pic for it and I shall have to get him to post it!)

In this chapter, Grantaire finally gets in touch with Combeferre to discuss his dilemma, because there is clearly a big difference between a puppy and an Enjolras-sphinx, even if both are legally classified as pets.

Prologue; Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

Part Four: Summoning Service )
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So, was having a little bit of trouble writing my longer things (I know what's going to happen, but sentences don't seem to want to come together), and thus Romulans happened.  C-chan had requested some Jehan mind-melding once upon a time.  Here is Jehan's backstory in this 'verse.  Warning for off-screen murder.

Sorrow and Solace )

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So, things are finally coming together on our move (living in the new house now, with a lovely new bed, and a brand new kitten because apparently our cats multiply every time we move), so hopefully Cat and I shall be around more often in the near future.  Miss you all!  Have some more Romulan Amis to make up for our absence?

First story in this 'verse:  Wandering Souls


Rest for the Weary )
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I'm not dead!  Just very tired.  Sorry I've been kind of AWOL lately.  Work has been busy and we're moving, so there has not been much time.  Have some animal-human hybrids to make up for it?

Prologue; Part 1; Part 2


Part Three: Reprieve )
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This one's for you, C-chan, since it's all your fault.  I hope you don't mind oblique mentions of torture.  This is a far-future Star Trek reincarnation fic where the Amis are Romulans.  ...Yeah.  For those of you not into Star Trek, the Romulan Star Empire is one of the three great galactic powers in Trek.  The Romulans are a closely related species to Vulcans (the pointy-eared, green-blooded, logic-loving people that gave us Spock).  The Vulcans turned to logic when they almost destroyed their planet through warfare because theirs is a species of super-strong contact telepaths with extremely strong emotions; the Romulans left around that time, and instead of turning to logic created a culture based on honor, loyalty, a superiority complex, and subjugating others.  The Tal Shiar is the secret police that helps keep the populace in check; the Praetor and the Senate are the oligarchical powers in control of the Romulan Star Empire.  I think that's a pretty good summation.

Also, I first saw the idea of Grantaire as a spy infiltrating the Amis from Vee and TC.  I think this ended up being pretty different from what they did (very different, eventually), but they still get credit for giving me this mental track to follow.

As mentioned above, there is torture below the cut, though I don't do anything graphically.

Wandering Souls )
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Modern-day reincarnation, the Amis cosplay as superheroes, written for C-chan.

I think this means I'm down to three Barricade Day drabbles that I owe people.  Plus I need to get back into posting my long works.  Plus I now really want to write Romulan!Amis, thanks to a certain someone.  I see a lot of writing still in my future, though you guys will be spared from me posting anything for a few days, probably.


A Simple Plan )
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A one-shot in my werewolf AU 'verse, exploring Courfeyrac, Combeferre and Enjolras' backstory.  Written for RobertWickham for Barricade Day, since she had expressed some interest in Courfeyrac's backstory.


The Seeds of Change )


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For C-chan, who wanted some Amis sewing.  Enjolras and Feuilly repair Enjolras' clothing after it receives a bit of battle damage.

Threads )
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For Vee, who wanted me to write Combeferre and Courfeyrac in a relationship and inviting Enjolras to join them.


New Visions )
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This one is for TC, for the prompt of Grantaire listening to one of Enjolras' speeches and actually getting motivated to do something.


A Long Day's Work )
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For MJ, who wanted some long-haired Enjolras.  This turned out probably much longer and with much more angst than you intended.  Warnings for parental death, brief discussion of the potential of rape, and Enjolras liking to break people's bones.  I may go back and tinker with scenes at the end, but at least this way there is something.

The Appearance of Respectability )
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Because I can't stop playing with my other prompts yet, have the next part of this.  My other Barricade Day prompts will go up tomorrow.

; Part 1


Part Two: The World in a Name )
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For you, TC!  A young Combeferre tries to convince an even younger Enjolras that he really does want to take a bath.


Simple Joys and Challenging Tasks )
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Enjolras is secretly a unicorn; Grantaire is secretly a virgin.  Written for Vee, based on one of her Barricade Day prompts.


Until the Blood Fades )

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No real warnings for this chapter, other than human-animal hybrids.  Sphinx 1789 is delivered to his new home.

Part One: A Birthday Surprise )
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So, because there was some interest in Cat and my random little dystopian AU, here's the first part for anyone who's interested.  Warnings for dystopian world with Mad Science and sentient, sapient creatures treated like animals.

Prologue: The Things They Say )
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