Sep. 23rd, 2014 05:16 pm
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So Cat and I are now both legally and ceremonially married.  The ceremony was absolutely amazing--we mixed a whole bunch of traditions together, and we were both super happy with the result.

It'll be nice not to have the wedding planning to do anymore.  Now we just have planning of a different sort--between our savings and some gifts of air miles from family, we've got enough to get us over to Japan for our honeymoon at the start of November.  It's very exciting.  I've never been, but Cat lived there for a little bit.  I'm just super excited to go anywhere out of country--I spent a bit of time in Mexico, and like all Michiganders I've been to Canada, but I've never really been somewhere that far away.  Adventure!

Hope everyone's lives have been good here.
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So I promised some happy stories once upon a time (and I need to remember some), so here's a few:
Cornbread )
Cuddles )

Ruger )

Just a few stories to show that puppies are adorable and stupid and my job is sometimes pretty awesome.

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A brief run-down of what's been going on in Estel's life recently...

Whining about work )
Whining about my health and the human medical profession )
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Actually had a pretty boring day at work today--no really great tales to tell, nothing too traumatic that happened.  The coolest thing was getting to do an allergen-specific immunotherapy order based on an IgE antibody test, and though *I* thought it was awesome, it would probably just be really boring to everyone not in the medical field.

The other cool thing was meeting a sixty-five-year old woman in a lesbian relationship--I'll call her A because this is getting complicated otherwise.  Yay for meeting older queer people )
Hope everyone else has had a pretty good day!

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Since I end up posting about work anyway, going to try doing it a "Best and Worst Cases of the Day" type thing.  Then you guys can see the good as well as the bad that comes with the profession, and not just when Estel has a breakdown (though so far we're three for three nights, woohoo).

Happy stories! )
Not happy stories )

So that's the highlights of a day in the life of the Estel vet, provided nothing too traumatic happens in the next hour.

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So, I'm kind of managing to get my brain back together and still working on those drabble prompts from a while back.  This one is for MJ, who asked for Combeferre and Prouvaire and "I've never seen <i>that</i> before".  This is probably not anything like what you were going for, but hey, it's something they've never seen before, and I know you like sci-fi...

Prouvaire finds himself with a completely novel and unknown... well, he's not sure if it's a disease or not, but it's definitely weird; Combeferre treats and cares for his friend.

Warning for anyone who's really squicked out by parasitism/symbiosis.  Nothing gory or too freaky, though.

Strange Skies )


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Finally getting to writing prompts for people!  This is for Jessie, who requested "Enjolras and Combeferre as children, it's Combeferre's birthday and Enjolras tries to do something special for him".  This is in the same universe as the one I did for TC last time, Simple Joys, and the stories have also decided that they're in the To Follow/Lingering Visions/Forward 'verse.  None of those are necessary at all to enjoy this story, though if you like Adventures of Chibi!Amis "Simple Joys" might entertain you.

Enjolras learns about astronomy, mythology, entymology, and the dangers of Brownian motion while making a gift for Combeferre.

Falling Stars )

AWOL Estel

Sep. 6th, 2013 08:47 pm
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Had a bad day at work.  A really, really bad day.  So prompts aren't going to be written today (since I'm assuming everyone doesn't want drabbles about kitty death and monetary troubles), unfortunately, though they *will* be written in the near future, promise.  Also not feeling up to participating in drabble festivities, though I love everything Vee and TC are doing and wish I had any emotional wherewithal left to play with you guys.

I'm sorry.  *crawls off to lick emotional wounds*
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So seeing Vee and TC offering drabbles made me itch to write a few one-shots, too.  I'm going to go the boring route and just have people send in a character/characters/pairing and either a prompt or a phrase and I'll get a one-shot back to you as soon as possible.  We'll start with two prompts a person like before and then go from there.
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So, this is apparently going to be a thing:

Veronica Mars writer takes on Les Mis

I shouldn't be surprised they're modern AUing it given how well Sherlock and Elementary have been doing.  They're going about it in a... unique way, though.  Jean Valjean as a lawyer with a "tumultous family and romantic life".  Uh... what romantic life?  Family life, sure, and that ends up screwed six ways to Sunday multiple times, but I think the only one who might be even less clued into romance than Enjolras is Valjean.

This was not what I meant when I said I desperately wanted a TV mini-series.  It might be entertaining, though.
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I realized I'm a few chapters behind on posting... well... everything.  Here's the next chapter of this; the next chapter of werewolves will be up as soon as I get a chance to format it.  (This gets priority because Cat drew me a pic for it and I shall have to get him to post it!)

In this chapter, Grantaire finally gets in touch with Combeferre to discuss his dilemma, because there is clearly a big difference between a puppy and an Enjolras-sphinx, even if both are legally classified as pets.

Prologue; Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

Part Four: Summoning Service )
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So, was having a little bit of trouble writing my longer things (I know what's going to happen, but sentences don't seem to want to come together), and thus Romulans happened.  C-chan had requested some Jehan mind-melding once upon a time.  Here is Jehan's backstory in this 'verse.  Warning for off-screen murder.

Sorrow and Solace )

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So, things are finally coming together on our move (living in the new house now, with a lovely new bed, and a brand new kitten because apparently our cats multiply every time we move), so hopefully Cat and I shall be around more often in the near future.  Miss you all!  Have some more Romulan Amis to make up for our absence?

First story in this 'verse:  Wandering Souls


Rest for the Weary )
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I'm not dead!  Just very tired.  Sorry I've been kind of AWOL lately.  Work has been busy and we're moving, so there has not been much time.  Have some animal-human hybrids to make up for it?

Prologue; Part 1; Part 2


Part Three: Reprieve )
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This one's for you, C-chan, since it's all your fault.  I hope you don't mind oblique mentions of torture.  This is a far-future Star Trek reincarnation fic where the Amis are Romulans.  ...Yeah.  For those of you not into Star Trek, the Romulan Star Empire is one of the three great galactic powers in Trek.  The Romulans are a closely related species to Vulcans (the pointy-eared, green-blooded, logic-loving people that gave us Spock).  The Vulcans turned to logic when they almost destroyed their planet through warfare because theirs is a species of super-strong contact telepaths with extremely strong emotions; the Romulans left around that time, and instead of turning to logic created a culture based on honor, loyalty, a superiority complex, and subjugating others.  The Tal Shiar is the secret police that helps keep the populace in check; the Praetor and the Senate are the oligarchical powers in control of the Romulan Star Empire.  I think that's a pretty good summation.

Also, I first saw the idea of Grantaire as a spy infiltrating the Amis from Vee and TC.  I think this ended up being pretty different from what they did (very different, eventually), but they still get credit for giving me this mental track to follow.

As mentioned above, there is torture below the cut, though I don't do anything graphically.

Wandering Souls )
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Work whining, depressing story )

Life whining )

Nothing absolutely terrible is going on.  There's just been a lot of little things plus some grey days that have added up to make me a bit depressed.  Blargh.  Hopefully we'll read some Vorkosigan or watch some Kitchen Nightmare or something once Cat's had a chance to settle down and life will look better.
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Modern-day reincarnation, the Amis cosplay as superheroes, written for C-chan.

I think this means I'm down to three Barricade Day drabbles that I owe people.  Plus I need to get back into posting my long works.  Plus I now really want to write Romulan!Amis, thanks to a certain someone.  I see a lot of writing still in my future, though you guys will be spared from me posting anything for a few days, probably.


A Simple Plan )
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