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So I promised some happy stories once upon a time (and I need to remember some), so here's a few:
Cornbread )
Cuddles )

Ruger )

Just a few stories to show that puppies are adorable and stupid and my job is sometimes pretty awesome.

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A brief run-down of what's been going on in Estel's life recently...

Whining about work )
Whining about my health and the human medical profession )
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Actually had a pretty boring day at work today--no really great tales to tell, nothing too traumatic that happened.  The coolest thing was getting to do an allergen-specific immunotherapy order based on an IgE antibody test, and though *I* thought it was awesome, it would probably just be really boring to everyone not in the medical field.

The other cool thing was meeting a sixty-five-year old woman in a lesbian relationship--I'll call her A because this is getting complicated otherwise.  Yay for meeting older queer people )
Hope everyone else has had a pretty good day!

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Since I end up posting about work anyway, going to try doing it a "Best and Worst Cases of the Day" type thing.  Then you guys can see the good as well as the bad that comes with the profession, and not just when Estel has a breakdown (though so far we're three for three nights, woohoo).

Happy stories! )
Not happy stories )

So that's the highlights of a day in the life of the Estel vet, provided nothing too traumatic happens in the next hour.

AWOL Estel

Sep. 6th, 2013 08:47 pm
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Had a bad day at work.  A really, really bad day.  So prompts aren't going to be written today (since I'm assuming everyone doesn't want drabbles about kitty death and monetary troubles), unfortunately, though they *will* be written in the near future, promise.  Also not feeling up to participating in drabble festivities, though I love everything Vee and TC are doing and wish I had any emotional wherewithal left to play with you guys.

I'm sorry.  *crawls off to lick emotional wounds*
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Work whining, depressing story )

Life whining )

Nothing absolutely terrible is going on.  There's just been a lot of little things plus some grey days that have added up to make me a bit depressed.  Blargh.  Hopefully we'll read some Vorkosigan or watch some Kitchen Nightmare or something once Cat's had a chance to settle down and life will look better.
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First day working emergency tomorrow.

No Cat or roomies.  Calls at all hours of the night and having to make quick decisions while sleep deprived.  Trying to remember how to run all the machines that my techs usually do.

It's going to be fun.

Wish me luck.
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One and a half days of work left and then vacation for four glorious days.

Then I can see Cat for more than two hours each day, because this whole thing of him working overtime every day and suddenly working weekends too is not doing so good for both of us.  Maybe Cat will even be awake and coherent for talking and plotting and betaing for some of those days.

Four days of no life and death decisions.  Four days of no giving people bad news.  (Also four days of no kittens and puppies and no saving anything, but I so need a break right now from the bad parts of this job.)

One and a half days, and then maybe I can get some sleep without nightmares.

I can do this.
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Because it seems like lots of people are having a rough time and I've actually got a funny cat story for once...

So, this really nice lady brings in this 1 pound stray kitten, probably ~5 weeks old.  He's teeny tiny and has an upper respiratory infection, which is common in strays, but doing pretty well otherwise.  He has tiny sharp monster kitten teeth, so he should be able to eat either soft food or kibble with water in it, which we tell her.

She comes back in a few hours later because she attempted to bottle feed him and he ripped the end off the nipple and swallowed part of it.  We make him vomit to get the rubber out so it doesn't get stuck/cause problems.  He vomits up the milk, rubber... and about a dozen small feathers.

Cats are teeny tiny murder machines, no matter how young they are, and we humans seem to love them that way.

She believed us after that about him being able to eat solid food, and the kitten is currently doing just fine.
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When I told my boss that the concert I'm going to see in a few weeks is by a Broadway singer, his immediate response was, "Someone who's played in Les Mis?"

...I am apparently not as good as keeping the level of my geekiness and obsession as hidden as I thought.  I mean, I never try to hide my general geekiness--that would be impossible and pointless--but I do generally try to keep my Obsessive Fanfic Writing Love under wraps.  And I have geeked on other musicals to the guys--Wicked and Lion King, mainly, but a handful of others too.

It was probably them seeing my improvised tricolor in December that did me in.  But I had to go from work to the theatre!  In a blizzard!  I needed to get appropriately dressed before putting on six thousand layers to attempt to survive the drive.
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So I've hit that terrible milestone--my first mistake that ended up in a patient's death.

Terrible, Terrible Things Happen to Animals because of me )
I don't know.  I'm just rambling now.  I'm tired from two weekends in a row on.  Cat's going to be gone this weekend.  And I just want the whole world to disappear for a while, except not, because then all I hear is the kitty crying.

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So, I'm turning 27 on Thursday.  I always said that I was never going to be one of those people who freaked out about their birthday because, well, it's silly and it's just another day and is getting older really that scary?

Answer: yes.  Yes it is.

My life, my fears, and more Bad Things Happen to Animals tales )

Tl;dr--I'm tired and had a bad morning at work and it's making me doubt everything about myself again.  Huzzah.

My life really isn't that bad.  I'm making enough that I'm paying my student loans and able to handle small emergencies (like the $500 car repair last week, that was fun) and I can buy things on a whim like books for myself and puzzles for Cat and we can occasionally go out to eat and it doesn't break the bank.  I have wonderful days at work where I manage to help critters and people are grateful.  Sometimes I manage to write things, and people seem to enjoy them, and I suppose that's all I should really want from that.  And I'm going to have a great birthday.  I know Cat and roomies will ensure that.  But sometimes I wish life would be a little bit easier.
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Fuck money.

Finances were the worst invention the human race ever made.
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When I say to bring the dog back if it doesn't get better, I do not mean *four months later*.  I just... why would you do that?  Even if I didn't specify "by the end of the 10 days of medication", which would be odd because I *always* say that, what person waits four months?

Now I have no idea if the meds did anything, because it's been so long, which makes it harder to figure out what to do now.  And I do not trust you, because why would you not bring them back if they didn't get any better and why are you angry at me when you disappeared for *four months*?

People.  Just... people.  >.<
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People who can't take care of their animals should not be allowed to have children.

Sad work story--what else? )

But damn, it would be nice if people didn't put us through this.
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Awkward moment of the week:

Trying to figure out why my client seems to be having trouble following what I'm saying, reaching up to touch my neck, and realizing that the scratches the previous client's cat gave me have decided to start oozing blood all down my neck and chest.

I love my job.  I say this in complete honesty at the moment.  It's so strange how nonchalant all of us (vets, techs, receptionists) in the office are about blood versus how much normal people go "Blood!  Ah!".
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I think I hate not knowing most out of anything in this profession--and that's saying a lot, because if I never had to deal with financial troubles again I would be ecstatic.

Cut for semi-coherent sad work stories )
I've been getting better at dealing with things like this.  It usually doesn't slip through my defenses quite so much, but the one-two whammy today just... rough morning.  Really, really rough morning.
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Please don't tell me you're a nurse when I'm looking at a giant necrotic open abcess on the side of your cat.

This is part of the reason I am always going to treat myself until I'm too sick to manage the calculations.  And given the invention of calculators, that's going to be when I'm on death's door.

(Don't worry, folks, I fixed kitty up.  It was actually a pretty fun surgery.)

Also, I have a weekend!  A full two days with no work!  Huzzah!


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